Academy of Post Graduate Teaching (DNB)

Academy of Post Graduate Teaching (DNB)

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Dr. Joydeep Das. After passing DNB(Pediatrics), he completed MRCPCH(UK), took active interest in teaching for last 14 yrs.

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About Us

To spread the teaching beyond the four walls of Institute of Child Health Kolkata, we have started a novel teaching initiative under the name of Academy of Post Graduate Teaching.

Our main objective is to prepare post graduate students of pediatrics for any national or international examination like DNB (Pediatrics) or MRCPCH.

To pass DNB as well as MRCPCH in pediatrics, one has to excel in OSCE style examination format. It needs instant critical analysis of a case scenario with exclusion of close differential diagnosis. Our classes therefore focus primarily on OSCE questions.

We have conducted DNB examinations and realised that students fail to acquire good scores in OSCE styled examinations. In spite of adequate knowledge many students have not been able to secure 50% mark in OSCE. This occurs mainly due to lack of awareness about the examination pattern and inadequate training in this format of examination.

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